Still not showing off your smile? Discover the 5 reasons to do it with New Stetic.

Did you know that an average adult shows his smile 25 times while a child does it 300 times a day?  We all know that smiling has great benefits, or if you don’t believe it, ask your dentist. We are sure that like us, it will invite you to smile more often, since #UnaSmrisaLoCangetodo. Or don’t you think so?

If you don’t smile often, do it now as you read this article and you will notice the changes in your daily life. At New Stetic we have compiled five reasons to help you increase the number of smiles per day. Read it with your favorite dentist and dental assistant!

1 Smiling makes you more attractive:  the smile is a natural beautifier, when you do it, others perceive you as a charming person. It does not matter if your teeth are natural or you use a dental implant or dental prosthesis, because nobody will notice it and instead you will be able to convince someone with this gesture, which is more powerful than eye contact, as some scientists claim. Or has it not happened to you that someone with a frank smile convinces you easier than someone who can tell you that all they wanted was to show their teeth whitening? Take the test and feel the pleasure of improving your self-esteem and feeling satisfied and relaxed, just as if you were enjoying a new smile design.

2. The smile is a universal language:  The face is the reflection of the soul and through your gestures you inform the world how you feel. Smiling makes your life easier and shows you as someone who always carries a positive attitude. Not only will you show the great work of your dentist, but you also send a positive message to the world. Take the test and you will find that others will trust you 10 percent more than those who do not smile.

Either way, if you want to improve your personal relationships, use the universal language of the smile, showing that you are someone positive and that despite the fact that at some point the circumstances are not the best, you manage to convey that feeling without the need for words.

 3. It is easier for them to forgive you when you manage to smile:  The smile after having made a mistake, generates in another person more condescension and less hostility. The smile produces an effect as soft as when you touch a cotton ball: it relaxes, doesn’t it? Others will see you as a person who accepts their mistakes, is submissive, honest and accepts their mistakes. Lowering your eyes with regret and smiling slightly may be the solution for your family, partner, co-workers and others to forgive you. Of course, your dentist will never forgive you if you do not show off your smile design as it should be.

4. You  live longer if you smile more: We must be honest and tell you that using our dental products will not make you live longer, however, smiling will make you longer. When you do it, you reflect a positive attitude towards life, which has an impact on the quality of it and believe us it will not cause dental pain or oral pain. On the contrary, studies have revealed that people who smile live four years longer than those who do not. In addition, the chances of suffering from vascular problems are reduced. Another very interesting benefit is that when you smile you work on brain plasticity, which reduces the probability of having degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. By the way, do you remember when was the last time you visited your dentist for a dental cleaning? If you don’t remember, check your memory and your calendar!

5. Smiling helps to solve your problems: Can you imagine being a dentist or someone who works in the dental sector, that you just got out of college and you have so much stress that you forgot your smile? Do not worry! Smile and your problems will be solved as if by magic. Remember that the smile helps you to approach situations in a different way; When we are in a challenging situation, it is normal that we act nervous, desperate and peripheral vision is reduced, but if you put good teeth, excuse me, a good face and the best attitude to any situation, it will become more bearable and you will be able to find creative solutions to your problems, because the smile helps you increase the imagination. It is said that to solve our problems we need to think more abstractly and contemplate unconventional solutions,

New Stetic is a company with more than 65 years of experience in the market that has always been concerned with providing a quality experience to its customers. Through our comprehensive solutions, we care that you feel good about yourself and your smile is much more continuous, thanks to our lines of dental products that we constantly develop and with the quality requirement that characterizes us.

We believe that these reasons are enough to make you smile more, because with our work we have improved thousands of lives, giving them peace of mind in their smile! At New Stetic we want you to enjoy every moment and we want you to smile non-stop. Remember that #UnaSonrisaLoCambia Todo!

Comment and tell us what would be other reasons that you use every day to show off your smile! We love to hear what you think, maybe you’ll get us more smiles today.