Traditional or digital marketing?

In marketing, positioning is designed to generate markets, a mission as important as ever with today’s myriad of digital opportunities to engage and motivate customers and prospects; It is the distinctive idea that clearly differentiates itself from the competition.

A distinctive idea is striking for being different, but, in addition, the idea must (has to) be significant. Differentiation and significance are the main ingredients to increase retention and stay in active memory.

The brand position is a single coherent idea, but during the decision-making process, organizations or companies can amplify their messages. A longer story that provides more reasons to believe is never left over and can be narrated.

Digital tools have changed the business dynamics, but not the basic rules that apply in marketing. The application of digital tactics to increase customers is currently being discussed, so it is worth commenting on some aspects.

Opportunities exist in two markets: current and potential, and it has always been said that it is more effective and economical to keep a customer than to get a new one; furthermore, that the main objectives of a marketing plan should start from preserving the current market, increasing it with new customers and generating the future.

The first is current customers. Every day there are more opportunities to listen and serve them, with the main objective of maintaining them, for which permanent contact is required, as in any relationship between human beings. As a second objective with current clients, it can be established to grow the activities or business with them.

New customers are the second segment, consisting of those who may arrive in the present (from competitors, or from new markets) and those who may be in the future.

The tactics used in both share positioning communication, but both segments contain customers and prospects with similar demographic and psychographic data, and it is common for them to be divided into smaller segments.

In the segment of existing clients, permanent contact is a necessity; you have to ask the right questions and exercise active listening; they are key to retaining and growing relationships and activity with them.

The second market is where potential customers are located for the present and the future, and it has become a more recent opportunity due to the variety of digital marketing strategies and tactics available, which is the main reason why Google and Facebook They are among the largest companies in the world and have become large and powerful advertising platforms. In so-called B2B marketing, LinkedIn competes head-to-head with Facebook. For this reason, the online presence (on line) has become something key.

Digital marketing every day is a more important complement to the so-called traditional marketing. It is not that it displaces it, as some have led it to believe, nor has it become another type of marketing since this is still one with several alternatives, and the digital world, as has been said before, is a way of working more effectively positioning in marketing, and faced with this reality, you have to accept and live in and in the present.

New Stetic, aware of all the above, has included within its training portfolio that of Digital Marketing, which aims to strengthen the knowledge and notions that dentists, laboratories and students have about the subject; all with a purpose that is to make known in the digital world the services provided by dental offices, dental laboratories, dental warehouses and in general the different businesses in the dental sector. Thanks to this initiative, dental health professionals have strengthened their digital knowledge to attract more patients and make the brand of their dental office or laboratory more visible in the ocean of the digital world.