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Historical Overview

Headquartered in Colombia, New Stetic proudly employs a dedicated team of mostly local personnel, 65% of which are female.

The internal structure of New Stetic is designed to meet the needs of production and marketing research to ensure not only their stay in the market but also its projection and international growth.

2000 - Integrated Management System
Thanks to a constant development and rigorous standards we upkeep in the manufacturing process of the various lines of dental products, we have a Comprehensive Management System designed to meet different standards and requirements such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, BMP, Basc, CE.
1992 - Won the "National Export Award"
New Stetic received the "National Export Award" granted by the National Association of Exporters ANALDEX, and the foundation Coltejer. New Stetic also won the "Expoinnovadores" award from the magazine, "América Economía", DHL Worldwide Express and the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.
1980 – Production of Anesthetics and Dental Alloys Begins
New Stetic supplemented its production with anesthetic and dental alloy and went on to establish themselves as the second largest company in Latin America by volume of production of artificial teeth.
1976 - Moved to Guarne, Antioquia
New Stetic moves its facilities to Guarne in Antioquia, 22 km from the city of Medellin. The factory is located in a large area of 45,000 m2 which enables the possibility scale up in order to meet the demands of growth.
1960 – Launches in International Markets
New Stetic extends its reach to international markets, becoming an exporting company and adding the dental acrylic to its product line.
1954 - New Stetic was Born in Medellín
New Stetic was born in Medellin, as a small business company of acrylic teeth to supply the need of the local market. New Stetic first opened in Medellin in 1954 as a small business selling acrylic teeth to supply the need of the local market.
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Our Purpose

We facilitate life by generating well-being and memorable experiences.


New Stetic S.A. is committed to satisfy the market’s expectations; to ensure the quality of service, anesthetic products for dental use, medical devices manufactured and/or commercialized, and cosmetics, achieving user safety in the health sector by means of risks management, continuous improvement and the effective administration of resources, the promotion of security in the use of information technologies.. This is done by complying with the following requirements: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CCAA – Conditions of Storage and Conditioning, Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR), GMP – Good Manufacture Practices, GLP – Good Laboratory Practices, PICS – Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme, Resolution  RDC No 658 March 30th, 2022 Brazil, and 21CFR820 from the FDA. 

We promote the integral development of our employees and establish controls to protect their health, identifying dangers, evaluating and assessing the risks associated with working conditions, in order to establish the respective controls leveraged by the improvement of processes and thus protect our workers , contractors, subcontractors and visitors.

We manage the risks associated with money laundering, terrorist financing,corruption, bribery and other illegal activities, in order to avoid the use of ourorganization for such purposes. We also promote business ethics and transparency and social responsibility as a fundamental principle for a good relationship with our stakeholders and strengthen prevention and control elements to prevent labor abuse, discrimination, forced labor, child labor, and other violations of human rights.

We are committed to safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, availability andprivacy of the information of collaborators, clients, suppliers and community ingeneral, through the implementation of data protection and security policies of the information.

We protect the environment by preventing pollution and using the resources employed by the organization in an efficient manner.

We fulfill our commitment with all interested parties, through the application of legal requirements and other acquired.

New Stetic’s Higher Purpose

We are a partner in the development of solutions and experiences for the well-being and transformation of people’s lives.

We provide dentists, doctors, laboratories and beauty experts with the best materials, technologies and services. Inspired by the science of human wellness, we adapt and transform scientific innovation into diversified dental, medical and aesthetic solutions.

We are committed to contributing to a healthy and sustainable world, which is why we work to improve our products, ensure regulatory compliance and reduce our environmental impact.

We deliver value to our shareholders, customers, distribution channels, employees, suppliers, society, the environment and government, generating harmonious growth within a framework of trust, service, ethics and transparency.



We act based on our values and principles, ensuring compliance with the rules and being consistent in building a sustainable future that promotes development and well-being in the environmental, social and economic field.


We build solid and valuable relationships with our stakeholders, fulfilling what we promise and strengthening our brand.


We promote relationships of respect, cordiality and listening, framed in memorable experiences that generate loyalty, repurchase and recommendation.


We establish relationships based on fairness and truth, maintaining a behavior consistent with business principles and honoring the commitment to the harmonious development of our stakeholders.

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