quality certificates

Quality management system / ISO 13485

Certifies the quality management system and ISO 13485 for the production and marketing of products for dental use in the following product lines: Acrylic Resin Teeth and Acrylic Resin for dental use, Anesthetics injectable solutions for dental use, Paper Points for dental use, Alloy for dental amalgam andCotton for dental use and other uses.

CE 0373

EC 0373: Certification granted for acrylic teeth resins and acrylic resins in the European Community. ISO 22112: Specifies the classification, requirements and test methods for synthetic polymers and teeth that are manufactured for use in prostheses used in dentistry.


- Good Manufacturing Practice and Anesthetics injectable solutions for dental use.

BASC -Business Alliance for Secure Commerce

BASC -Business Alliance for Secure Commerce is an international business alliance that promotes secure trade in cooperation with governments and international organizations.


Importation certificate of medical devices.


Good manufacturing practices.


Good laboratory Practices.


Good manufacturing practices.