PMMA Multilayer Discs

10 chromatic layers of naturalness and beauty

Multilayered 10-layer disks in a wide variety of Vita type hues, providing greater naturalness. Available in several diameters and thicknesses for different formats of cam machines in the market.

disco multicapa pmma cam cam fresado diente dentadura

PMMA Multilayer Discs

Our Portux® Cad Cam discs, multilayer tooth color, are designed with a strategic distribution of the layers, providing a transition between the 10 different colors.

Ten layers of incomparable beauty and naturalness providing an ideal transition to incisal, with natural translucency.

It is worth noticing that the intensity of the incisal in the rehabilitation is given by the positioning of the design on the axis perpendicular to the block’s layers.

Dental prosthesis production for further characterization with photopolymerizing stains; stratified provisional teeth.