Our Strategy

Our Strategic Platform frames and determines our essence, addresses the goals that we as a Company want to achieve. Each of the people that make up the organization must be aligned to meet each of the proposed objectives.


We are an organization that offers integral odontological and medical surgical solutions for health care, through a human team that inspires confidence and is passionate about fulfilling what it promises.


By the year 2024 we are going to be the best purchase option, we are going to evolve to a multinational organization and offer integral solutions for oral health care and surgical medical line.


New Stetic is committed to ensuring the high quality of our medical devices, products and services, ensuring patient safety through continuous improvement plans and effective management of resources. We are also committed to the prevention of environmental pollution, injuries and illnesses of employees and the use of our organization for illegal activities.


Differentiating service

We make life easier for our clients with warmth and closeness generating memorable experiences.


We are evolving to innovate and create value.


We are committed to achieving the objectives common towards sustainable development.


We act with coherence, respect and passion to fulfill what promised.