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New Stetic has a modern headquarters, made up mostly of personnel from the region, 65% of the employed population is female, with a characteristic length of service of the company, something that confirms the company's stabilized rate and motivation employees.

The internal structure of New Stetic is designed to meet the needs of production and marketing research to ensure not only their stay in the market but also its projection and international growth.

We position the name of the Company and its brands in targeted markets, satisfying the requirements and expectations of our customers and users in the field of oral health and aesthetics.
We will be the best option in our targeted markets, making strategic alliances with our clients to ensure better positioning. We will be recognized and selected by the added value of our products and services.
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You will be able to watch all the media content and training on the use of the products.

AEEDC 2018 - Dubai

February 6, 7 y 8


Mercadeo todo el tiempo

El hecho de haberse dado históricamente épocas durante las cuales la actividad mercadológica no era tan necesaria (demanda mayo...

Comunicado Anestésicos New Stetic

Medellín, febrero 16 de 2018, Estimada comunidad odontológica, Ante la crisis de abastecimiento de anestésicos en Colombi...


New Stetic has the approval of entities such as the Invima, C.C.A.A., among others,
that certify quality in the market and commercialization around the world.

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Quality management system.

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CE 0373 / ISO 22112

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Good Manufacturing Practice

Certif 4

Business Alliance for Secure Commerce

Certif 5

Certificate for the import of medical devices

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followers on

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of the employed
population is female

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